Who’s Singing Now

A bright full moon was still illuminating the harbour as we left Gibraltar early on Wednesday morning. We had waited patiently the day before for Eric, the mechanic, to return our alternator to us. It took both Thomas and Eric until 11pm that night to fit the alternator and test everything. They worked side by side for a few days beforehand as sleuths. A partnership a lot like that of Holmes and Watson as they searched for the mysterious problems of power generation; or lack there of. We really appreciate the extra mile that Eric and his company went to to get us safely on our way. If ever you’re in Gibraltar and are in need of alternator repairs we would be more than happy to recommend them.

Our chart showing the one jibe that we took in 700nm. That was approaching Grand Canary.

All Keen, German Sailing Machine-on the morning of departure

As usual our predicted winds were at least ten knots over what was expected. Wild waves joined the winds as we reefed our sails and set our tack for the Canaries. Every time a small squall would occur, the winds would increase another ten knots. Gusts of over forty knots were recorded. The Captain set the record for speed at thirteen point one knots going down a wave and I achieved the wooden spoon for two point nine knots on the only quiet morning of the passage. Needless to say, I took out some more sail and immediately the winds increased another ten knots. That set us off at a good pace.

What was expected to be up to a seven day journey has turned out to be five and a bit, but we have set a new trend though by finally arriving at our destination in daylight; without really trying too hard. We saw our first island of the Canary group early yesterday evening and we could see the orange glow of the city Las Palmas early this morning.

A little more growth – all round. After 5 and a bit days at sea

The rolling waves with a broad reach sail made for uncomfortable sleeping and this was probably Thomas’ and my biggest challenge. There was no sleeping straight when off watch. We tried diagonally, sideways, tucked in with quilts, all to no avail. Only with exhaustion or moving into the saloon did we gain sleep. Ori and Hagai were regrettably challenged with sea sickness once again. We are all hoping for a smoother passage to the Caribbean. Looking forward to a much needed rest once we reach harbour and hopefully finding another karaoke bar. Funny, I can’t hear any canaries from here.



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