Half Way

We’ve reached the captain’s designated halfway point. Hopefully the end
of the world didn’t effect you and yours too badly. We celebrated the
end of the world as we know it with a lasagne using the second last meal
of fresh vegetables. We saved one meal in case there is a tomorrow. It’s
looking pretty calm here on the Atlantic and I haven’t got out of bed
yet because I had the 2am – 5am shift and I’m still relaxing. It was
hard to stock up properly in the Canaries because our departure was
surrounded by public holidays so last minute shopping became difficult.
The crew was seasick the rest of the time so didn’t eat much. Now
they’re in strong competition with the captain. There’s no left overs
for them to go searching for after they’ve all had seconds. The wind
seems pretty light out there so I’m hoping we’re not dragging this out
and this half is going to be the longer half. At the moment we’re
heading south to chase a bit more wind. I can see the ginnaker out but I
think we would be faster if we all swam out the back kicking and pushing
Qi along.
As we have gone south, the layers of clothing have been getting stripped
off and we’re at least feeling more summery. Cold salt water baths on
the back deck make a refreshing break during the day. It is nice to feel
The flying fish continue to leap to safety either side of us.
Apparently, this is why the birds hang around the boats, although we
haven’t had a bird for a couple of days. Too far from land now I think.
We had another yacht call us up yesterday. This one was German so Thomas
got to speak a bit of his mother language before he forgot it. He
enjoyed a conversation via the satellite phone with his sister the other
day too. Our little floating island currently has English as its command
language and there’s a bit of chatting and joking in Hebrew. It’s fine
if Thomas wants to speak in German, it’s just that no one will answer
him or laugh at his jokes.
Everyone is in good spirits and enjoy their time on and away from the
helm. Everyone is beginning to make plans of what to do when we get
there. I plan to eat some fresh fruit within the first hour and go for a
walk. Ori and Hagai are keen to continue their adventures as they have
just finished university and this crossing is just the beginning. The
captain is longing for a swim as he hasn’t had his toes wet since well
before his operation. This is of course if the Mayans got it wrong. No
harm in forward planning.
So, We’re at least half way from the Canaries. We are well over half way
from Palma, Mallorca. We are nearly at the 3 000 nautical mile mark from
Palma. We have about 1500 to go. In this wind it will take us a lot
longer than the ten days that we are hoping for. Well the canned fruit
salad will just have to stretch.

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