Christmas on Qi

Thomas’ and my first Christmas together is a reason for celebration
enough but being literally in the middle of the Atlantic gives us
another cause. I don’t think it’s the time to set traditions in place
due to the current geographical location and pantry resources though.
Dinner will be brown rice sushi and Vietnamese rice rolls with tofu,
omelette, cucumber and carrot sticks, vermicelli and sprouts to go in
them. Not exactly the traditional Christmas fare. There will be
chocolate too. Being a German boat, Christmas will be celebrated
tonight, the 24th December. It will be a Christmas to remember.
A bit of shopping in Gibraltar and on the Canaries means there will
still be some presents. Mine was too hard to hide and I had to try it
on. I will be well fitted out for diving in the Caribbean thanks to
Thomas’ brilliant idea for a present. Thomas got his early when I
returned from Australia and gave him his Steiner navigation binoculars.
There is plenty of wildlife in the middle of the Atlantic. Yesterday, we
had some brightly coloured fish swimming along with the boat. They were
only about 40cm but were brightly coloured like parrot fish although
they wouldn’t have been because there’s no coral to eat. They could have
been a type of tuna. They were keeping up with us at 7+knots and stayed
with us for quite a few hours. Fit fish. Thomas had dolphins in the
morning swimming in our wake. Flying fish were really abundant a few
days ago. We had literally thousands of them in one day flying either
side of the boat. Some were reaching about 50m because they would skim
the water and use their tale to lift off again. They are silver
underneath but a pretty shiny light blue on the top. We still have
plenty of them around us but that particular day stood out. I guess they
are a major food source for the other fish out here.
The current depth here is approximately 5000m. That’s a lot of water
underneath us. It’s extremely clean and a beautiful hue. After a couple
of days of low wind and only pulling an average of 4+ knots even with
the ginnaker, we have our wind restored. We have downsized the sail and
are currently doing 6+ knots. We are looking at an approximate ETA of
the 30th December and we’re hoping that we can stock up a bit before any
public holidays for New Year. Thomas has shown me pictures of the
markets and all the fresh fruit made my mouth water. Being creative with
canned foods is not my forte but we are surviving. Water consumption is
down and we’re trying to use the water we’re making for major cooking or
washing jobs, so we have stuck to our plan with this and there is no
My sprout garden is quite a consumer of water as I clean the sprout
containers out at least twice a day. At the moment I have beans,
chickpeas and lentils sprouting. Not my favourite food but at least they
are fresh. Our steam cooker had an explosion and is no longer
operational so Hagai is having hummus withdrawals. I am wondering if he
would be able to make it out of the chickpea sprouts. I think I will
have to come up with some recipes for sprouts before my next ocean
crossing. If anyone knows any, please forward them. I will also try not
to be a canned food snob. That is okay for cruising around the islands
but having that bulk in the food keeps everyone happy on a passage. I am
dreading it when the minimal supply that I have has run out. Hopefully,
we will be there before then. (We still have soups, beans and lentils, yum).
Well, I am unable to receive any email on my usual hotmail account or
Facebook but people are able to comment on our blogs while we’re still
out in the ocean and we should get them. A message from the outside
world would be like a message in a bottle. Have a lovely Christmas

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  1. Silvana and Italo says:

    Hi, Gaylyn! Congratulations for becoming a real sailor. We always talk about you with our friends. Hope you are having a nice and cozy Christmas day. Love. Silvana and Italo.

  2. Silvana and Italo says:

    Hi Gaylyn! Congratulations for becoming a real sailor. Hope you are having a nice Xmas. Love. Silvana and Italo

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