Follow the Yellow Lit Road

When you are travelling west and there is a waxing moon, the path you
follow becomes brighter and brighter each night. The benefit of a new
moon and clear skies is the view of the stars. As I am still learning
the northern constellations, it is if I am looking at a random
scattering of bright lights. We had a waning moon on the outset of our
journey and then the new moon gave us the starlit nights. Occasionally
we see the lights of a transatlantic red eye flight and know that most
of the people on board will either be; asleep, complaining about the
length of the flight or discussing exciting holiday plans. The moon is
almost full now and its beautiful shine lights our direct way shimmering
a yellow path on the water. It gives us a great view of the sail as well.
Giskard has decided to spoil us for Christmas and has taken the helm.
This gives me time to read, write or do puzzles when I’m on a watch
keeping an eye out for the random ship that may dare to cross our path.
This is the main duty although Giskard needs the occasional adjustment.
The personification of Giskard has got a little bit out of hand with the
crew whispering if they have anything mean to say about him or are
hushed if they are loudly putting him down. Thomas has done some serious
design, (attitude), adjustments to him as he wasn’t coping well with the
dead run. The Trade Winds are doing their best to get us there before
the new year. This is one of our latest challenges.
Another challenge was how to feed four people on a two hundred gram can
of corn. As I am trying to conserve the miserly supply of canned
vegetables I am having to become creative with cans of food. Something I
was never aiming in life to do but circumstances call for it. So with
sushi seaweed and rice paper in hand the crew had a choice of corn,
onion and honey salad, corn, onion and mayo salad and corn and onion
fritters. Hope it isn’t rough tonight or there will be another sort of
yellow road behind us as our crew is a little prone to seasickness.
We were just treated to an escort of four or so whales, likely to be
humpbacks. They stayed with us for about half an hour swimming
underneath us on their backs and beside us. I have never been so close
to whales and felt as though we were treated to a special Christmas
treat. There was no tail slapping so they must have been quite happy
with us. Three were quite small and one a bit larger. It was the first
whale sighting for our crew in their lives so it was very special to
them. They have both studied marine science and they were desperately
hoping for this encounter.
Starting to write songs. My friend Di will understand that that’s what I
normally get up to when my mind has extra time on its hands.
On the 12 Days of Qi Christmas my true love gave to me:
A Turtle in the Atlantic Sea (poetic licence applied without fuss)
2 Swallows gliding
3 Resting Herons
4 Escort Whales
5 Fighting Tunas
6 Pods of Dolphins Surfing
7 Turns a Turning
8 Coloured Fish a Racing
9 Bugs a buzzing
10 Falling Stars
11 Nights of Plankton Glowing
12 Thousand Flying Fish

26th December, 2012

Had a call on the VHF this morning from a yacht passing in front of us.
I was busy reading my Santa present, “Fifty Shades of Grey” when the
French boat hails me. He tells me he is sailing with four other French
men and asks me if I’m alone. Oo la la. I asked him did he think I was
crazy. It is only the company that is keeping me sane, (even that level
of sanity is debatable and as if I would tell five Frenchmen in the
middle of an ocean that I’m alone even if I was, dur…). They sailed
away across in front of us and are expecting to be in Martinique on the
1st January. We are hoping to beat them by a day.
Could everyone please ‘like’ this on Facebook with my name in the
message so my other friends know that I have been posting. I have no way
of doing that via satellite phone. Thanks. It’s just the button up in
the top left corner of this page.

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  1. Merle says:

    Merry Christmas (bit late I know) and Happy, happy, happy New Year. Sounds as though you are avoiding those icebergs and making fairly good time to get to the Caribbean. All is well here although I have been a bit “stupid”. Swallowed part of one of my pill packing and ended up in Ingham hospital with doctors not sure what to do with me. Didn’t show up Xray but boy was I in pain. After about 5 hours, 3 lots of morphine, talk of surgeons, 2 yucky mixtures to swallow and an attempt to eat some custard and apple, and lo and behold, after vomiting twice, the little piece of **** came up. I said it was the best thing I had seen in all of 2012. Kept me in overnight for observation but at least it has given Ken at least a year of “blah, blah, blah” etc. Oh, well, anyone who can stuff up an ATM in Russia, is capable of anything. Lots of love to you. Keep enjoying life. Love Merle

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