Taking its Toll on Body and Soul

Now I think Thomas has a pretty good sense of humour, but even he went a bit stir-crazy on the passage, (see photo below).

Thomas looking a bit 'deranged' as Doris said.

Thomas looking a bit ‘deranged’ as Doris said.

Having realised his dream of over ten years has made him a very happy man now. On the passage crew got awfully excited whenever a bit of wildlife joined us but the whales’ visit was a real highlight. Now we are all covered in bruises from being tossed about the cabins and I really had had enough of the plastic container cupboard spitting out half a dozen bowls every time I ventured in for something, but I’m grateful it wasn’t the pots or knives. Even though the passage wasn’t very rough we were rolling a lot because of the Trade Winds coming from behind us. We even got a bit relaxed and left things on the tops of shelves only for them to become missiles later during a rough patch. I kept myself busy on the crossing by reading two books, learning Spanish, exercising – my yoga was invaluable for back adjustments, dancing to my ipod, writing a short story for young teens and cooking. The warmer temperatures were good for the soul too. I think I was the sanest one on the boat but the others would likely debate that.

Nothing like a bath on the back deck, (with a strategically placed bucket)

Nothing like a bath on the back deck, (with a strategically placed bucket)

It was certainly an opportunity to reflect on life and upon the direction that we are going in. The crew, having just finished university, were contemplating life’s choices where Thomas and I were reflecting on what a great choice we have made. I’m so glad I had my year of adventure and self-discovery on my own so now I’m ready to relax in the company of a good man. We have so much to explore and we balance each other out well. My hyperactive inner self is brought down to earth with Thomas’ relaxed attitude. My major purpose was to travel with the universe and believe and know that I was truly safe within it – living in the realm of self-love and no fear. I am blown away with how well the universe actually took care of this. It still continues to do so with me thinking, ‘gee, I have a few big bills coming in after the New Year. I wish I had a bit of extra cash’ and low and behold good old Education Queensland gives me a Christmas bonus for the holidays I was entitled to because I was on long service leave. I had no idea. What a lovely surprise for Christmas. Gotta love it!!!

Nothing like a good bath, and landfall to bring the sanity back

Nothing like a good bath, and landfall to bring the sanity back

Having learned what beautiful people there are in the world first hand and how many beautiful places there are to visit I am so glad to be still traveling. I will continue to feel safe through my travels and know that I am well cared for. I am so looking forward to it and so grateful to be sharing it with my beautiful captain.

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