Preparations Underway

Plenty of upgrades have kept the captain, his friend Konrad and Qi out of the water. A new painted bottom, additions in the way of a water maker, new sails, a wind generator and some electronics  plus more, have kept everyone busy. Pleased I was in Australia for the worst part of it. Things are slowly normalising as we search for suitable crew to cross the Atlantic with. Content as we are sailing on our own, a bit of extra muscle, watch power and humour are sought. Realistically, we could do it on our own and in the future we just might, however, for our first big crossing we are looking for at least two compatible shipmates.Thomas and Konrad

There will be a short delay in our departure due to Thomas requiring a small operation on his right ear. He was hoping to hold this off for a while but his hearing has been deteriorating rapidly over the last month. Some might suggest, in jest of course, that this may be due to my persistent chatter and was the body reacting in self preservation. I am relieved to report that this has been a problem prior to my arrival and in no way have I expedited  the process.

It was lovely to catch up with friends and family over in Australia although the time

William at 5 months in his Jolly Jumper

was very busy and I didn’t get to see everyone that I would’ve liked to have seen. Most of all it was lovely to have at least a two hour family gathering in Brisbane domestic airport with my two children, Kenett and Sam. Watching young William, my grandson, enjoy his Jolly Jumper as much as his father did was also a joy. He is a lot of fun at the moment and full of happiness. I’m so glad I got to see him at this wonderful age. Other than enjoying my visit with family and friends, my hard work to rearrange my life has paid off and I feel quite relaxed that everything is in good hands over there. Hopefully, thanks to the help of my good friends and good management, my little car and my unit at the beach will be sold quickly leaving me carefree to enjoy our travels.

My darling children

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