Sebastian Comes to Play

Our first family member to visit the both of us on the boat was Sebastian, Thomas’ nephew, a lovely young man who runs a snowboard and winter sports wholesale shop back in Hamburg. A full on surfer, snowboarder and thrill seeker, Sebastian was ready for a bit of R&R on Qi, although we were a bit concerned the pace might be a bit slow. This was especially because Thomas was still recuperating after his operation.

First of all, the weather was predicted to be lousy but it wasn’t as bad as they’d said. Despite the coolness, Sebastian wanted to head for the beach. So in windy and overcast conditions we found him a beach-which isn’t hard to do on an island. He braved the surf in amongst the wind and kite surfers. He didn’t get out until the lightning had passed and the last of the kite and wind surfers had beached their craft. The water was still about 19 degrees.

Sebastian – a bit chilly

We had a bit of a lazy day and a small tour to another beach the next day where I was tempted in for a quick dip. It was nice to get wet as we have been in the harbour for the last month and you don’t swim in there. On Sunday we ventured to the castle up on the hill that is visible from the harbour. A circular design from the 14th Century was a royal residence originally, then it had some sinister purpose during the Spanish inquisition, as most fortresses did. It’s final public use before it became a tourist attraction was as a prison where it housed political prisoners. The most famous being one that was never actually convicted of anything, he just had too many forward aspirations that were contrary to the government of the day. Such things as free education for the masses, that sort of riotous stuff.

A bit windy on top of the castle

One afternoon we headed for the Palma Aquarium and the curry wurst shop in the heart of German tourist area. The aquarium has a great range of weird and brightly coloured fish from all over the world, a large range of colour in the various corals and plants. The lighting of the tanks enhanced this. It made both Thomas and I itchy for diving in the Caribbean and we’re looking forward to that.

One of Sebastian’s shots at the Shark tank

 We managed to get good weather for a sailing day on Sebastian’s last day with us. We just sailed around to a small bay just around the corner from the harbour. It was a slow smooth sail which Sebastian really enjoyed. It certainly gave him a gentle introduction to it. He wants to buy a sailing boat now. Unfortunately, the bay was filled with little brown jellyfish but that didn’t stop the boy from Hamburg. He sported a small burning sting as proof of his bravery. He swam for quite awhile and ventured over to a small island where he walked to the small ancient ruins of a lookout tower, similar to that of Rupunzel’s. After a huge lunch of Vietnamese spring rolls and dessert of crepes with Nutella, fresh strawberries, caramel custard and Kitkats, we motored back to the harbour.

A Brunch on Qi

 We had a nice time with Sebastian and he seemed to survive the vegetarian cuisine found here on Qi. He wasn’t screaming for meat like he threaten to do when he was first informed. And he certainly didn’t starve. He commented when we were shopping on the first day that it was the ‘greenest’ shopping cart that he’d ever seen. Thomas said that if we ever need to make a bit of extra money we could run healthy sailing tours. Hopefully, it wont come to that and it will just be entertaining family and friends. We look forward to our future visitors who are booking in already.

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