A Visit to the Dark Side Too

Thomas often mentions the hordes of excitable German tourists who flock to Mallorca in the summer and how the very worst of the national behavior is on display, but I thought he was exaggerating. His craving for curry wurst got the better of him and we ventured into Arenel- deep into German tourism territory. Thank goodness we were not alone and Thomas’ nephew, Sebastian, joined us. Luck have it, the German beer hall was attached to the wurst shop. It was the off season but it was happy hour and happy these German holiday makers were. The melodic sing along was very catchy. Thomas explained to me that the lyrics were ridiculous because it was all about the rhyme. He translated some verses for me and he was right, ridiculous but catchy.

A bit of wurst eating and beer drinking at the German beer Hall

 Thomas and Sebastian tucked into their plates of curry wurst topped with a thick gooey sauce and sides of chips. I stuck to the vegetarian pizza, which wasn’t bad. When the music began the small crowd swayed and sang at the top of their lungs. There was no holding back. This display of self-confidence or lack of inhibition was refreshing in a party atmosphere sort of way. It was still only 4pm. I said to Sebastian that I didn’t know why Thomas hadn’t brought me here previously. He knowingly looked at me and said, “Gaylyn, I think we both know why Thomas hasn’t brought you here.” And this is from the lad who described how he fell off the table face first onto the floor the last time he was there with his mates! I only wanted to sing along, I’ll leave dancing on the tables to the Germans. I wouldn’t embarrass him too much.

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  1. kevin says:

    And she’ll have fun fun fun now wherever she goes – a mix of melodies and nursery rhymes. KK

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