Recovery ‘n’ Crew

Thomas’ surgery appears to be very successful in two ways. Firstly, he had hardly any pain and didn’t need to take any pain killers and secondly, he seems to be hearing better already. This has been great as we’ve been able to continue preparations for the crossing. We have, well mainly Thomas has been, fixing sparrow nests, cleaning bilges, taking hoses out from the old air conditioner, taking down the old head sail to be repaired etc. Things are much brighter compared to when he had his left ear done in Germany last year. We had four weeks of pain and suffering then, so he is greatly relieved. He is really looking forward to diving without pressure problems in this ear now. The hearing is just a bonus.

Thomas getting charged up for Halloween.
(He went as Frankenstein because of the stitches in his ear)

Having Sebastian, Thomas’ nephew, visiting us was a nice break in the work and gave Thomas and I a few outings as we went sightseeing. Nothing like a happy visit from loved ones, when you’re recuperating.

Thomas taking his little nephew to the beach

I haven’t begun stocking the boat with supplies yet as I’m waiting for our crew to arrive. Ori and Hagai are a young Israeli couple who contacted us on Find a Crew. They are both vegetarian so will fit in with the galley preparations well. They are keen to cross the Atlantic and both have sailing experience. We aimed to get a couple due to the front cabin being the only space available and we thought putting two strangers in together might be a bit of a strain for such a long journey. We did consider this at one point but when one lady came she pointed out that she wouldn’t want to share with a snorer. This highlighted the difficulties that could come about. We look forward to our new crew’s arrival tomorrow.

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  1. Merle says:

    Glad to see all is going well for preparation for voyage. We have returned from our little voyage to the South Sea Islands. Struck 5-6m seas on way over. Thought of you then. Couldn’t imagine what it would be like handling seas like that. My hat goes off to you both. We were rocking and rolling in the Rhapsody of the Seas. So good to catch up with you. Will keep checking your blog to see what you are doing? Lots of love.

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