Well, we’re having a lovely stopover in Las Perlas waiting for wind and we’re super surprised that we have the internet. So we are checking that our blog will be able to be up loaded by sat phone. Thomas is wondering why the waterline is still so far above the water with all the stores on board. I guess I didn’t buy that much after all. Some neighbours in the anchorage, actually the very neighbours we were tied up with in the canal, told us of an island where they collected coconuts and green mangoes and bananas. So we’re heading off there to do some more bottom cleaning and fruit collecting. My many fruit nets are coming in very handy. They’re a great addition to helping our fruit and vegetables last. I look forward to the crossing although the winds are not perfect and it looks like we’ll be out there a lot longer than we had planned. We’re lucky to have my brother, Alec, looking out for us as well via email on sat phone. He’s also directed us to some very useful web
sites that will email weather updates to us. It is only our special email that will be working during this time. See you on the other side…

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