We have already put many hundreds of miles between ourselves and the Galapagos. In an area that is renown for little wind, we are experiencing 20kts from an alternating beam and broad port side reach. Now we are truly at the mercy of Neptune and our own organisation. I am experiencing my usual challenges being on a port tack having the galley on that side of the boat. My meticuously packed eggs decided to take flight when I was reaching in for two of them. Out of nearly three dozen I probably only lost about three but many were cracked. So we had a lovely vegetable quiche yesterday and I scrambled and froze the rest of the damaged ones in a hope to use at a later date. Only eleven were unscathed. Cleaning the bilge the next day was a less than delightful task. We have fallen into the rhythm of our ocean crossing. My sore rib is preventing me from my exercise routine on the shrouds but I think I will begin today.
Yesterday I was so close to becoming mortally wounded by a flying fish. I was standing in the companion way talking to the Captain when he yelled look out. I didn’t know which way I was looking until I looked beside me and saw a 20cm flying fish flapping about. I promptly returned him to the depths but then Thomas told me a gruesome tale of a sailor being stabbed in the leg by one of the vicious beasts. It was so close to my temple!!!
We aren’t sticking strictly to our watches due to one or the other’s ability to sleep at different times. It makes it so much easier than being prematurely woken from a deep sleep. Another advantage of being crewless. We can do things to suit ourselves. We still appreciated Ori and Hagi on the Atlantic crossing though. It was great to have them on board for our first big crossing. Hagi was a wealth of knowledge and both were super reliable with their watches. We are now used to our own routines so much so though that crew would be a total invasion of our daily routine.
Two days ago I thought fondly of my dear friends Melissa and Makke in Finland who got married, yesterday my cousin, Simon, had his 50th, Happy Birthday cuz if you read this and today is my dear friend, Kerri’s birthday. All the best wishes to those of you who are having special celebrations while we are out here.

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  1. Shirley Morgan says:

    Sounds wonderful Gaylyn. Rangi and I are visiting Kat and Chaz on Sunday. My first visit with Ruby. Went to Al & Gabes last weekend. Was good to see Zac. Of course I took a banana cake !! Poppy is doing well. Has done the hard yards for her O.P. Now looking forward to a school trip to Japan in September. Love Mum

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