Loving the Seclusion

This really is a beautiful lifestyle. Purely in touch with nature amongst the elements. I enjoy our passages as it satisfies a desire to runaway and hide from all the dramas of day to day life – consumerism, work and responsibilities. It is so peaceful and relaxing. Thomas is a wonderful calm companion to enjoy the journey with. After setting the sails and planning meals our biggest decisions are what book to read and what movie to watch. I spend nearly an hour each day dancing at the shrouds, to grab during the shaking of the boat, with my head set on. I include all sorts of exercises with wonderful ballet, twist and aerobic moves. I’m sure I’m a sight but it doesn’t matter. No one looking and no one judging. It is so wonderful to just truly be yourself without the constraints of society. My inner child is at peace and very happy.
Yesterday we had a half-way party. We had delicious food and plenty of entertainment. Funny how I don’t find the endless blue water monotonous – just peaceful and beautiful. Still it is a wonderful feeling of arriving in French Polynesia shortly. Unfortunately, we will be a few days short of my birthday but I’m sure we’ll find a way to celebrate on the wide blue ocean.
We remain amazed at the amount of wildlife that there is to be seen on the Pacific. We still see lots of birds although land is over 2000km away. They hang around the boat to catch the morsels of flying fish who instinctively launch off just above the water for about 20-50 metres. The last time I washed my hair I had turtles, seals and sharks around me. This time a pod of dolphins came to join me. Thomas spotted a large whale a few days ago about 300 metres off the port side and yesterday a pod of pilot whales had Thomas opening the engine compartment trying to locate a high pitched squeaking noise. He thought it was our auto pilot, which has never been used so much, developing a personality disorder. I went into the cockpit to steer and turn the auto pilot off but the noise remained. Baffled, Thomas continued to search for the sound’s origin when a pilot whale rose beside the cockpit and blew…and squeaked. I promptly informed Thomas to call off the search and to come and see our
visitors. There were about eight of them altogether. I guess they would have had a giggle at their mischief if they’d known.
Not only do we have flying fish but we have flying tupperware, flying saucepans and flying rice. Could be a dinner idea in there somewhere.

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