Homework Completed

We are beginning to run out of books and Dagmar wasn’t able to send the Kindle that she’d bought Thomas for his birthday because of the batteries. So we’re sharing the one kindle we do have and reading some pretty bad books from the book swap in Panama. So to kill some time I got busy and drew up a map of the Marquesas and went through all the electronic guides we have and wrote notes about each of the islands. It’s great to have on paper and an overview of the places worth visiting. It gives us a basic attack plan when we get there. Plenty of ancient ruins and giant tikis to see. Then it’s another five hundred nautical miles to the next set of atolls between the Marqueasas and Tahiti. Not sure how long we’ll stay in the Marqueasas but after reading the information I am dreading the dreaded No No Fly. They bite and itch for two weeks and if you scratch you can make ulcers. Yuck. I hope they don’t chase us out of there before we’re ready to leave.
The Captain tells me that we might make it in time for my birthday if we maintain the speed. Wow, getting to sleep through the night as a birthday present would be great. We are having plenty of wind and last night it was pretty rough. We cringe at all the little noises the boat makes as she gets tossed around. Then the galley is like a banshee throwing a tantrum with items flying around the cupboards. There’s only so much bubble wrap a girl can use. We are both sleeping in the saloon because the back cabin is too stuffy and noisy. Thomas is sleeping on the leeward side and I’m curled up using my bean bag to stop me flying around on the windward side. It’s been too rough to exercise on the front deck so I’ve been using railings in the saloon to hang onto to dance a bit and then doing some yoga lying down. I find that my back gets stiff if I don’t do it. It loosens me up. Even salt water bucket showers on the back deck have been a bit of a challenge the last few days. I’ll just have

to have a bird bath downstairs. Because we’re running the electric auto pilot each day and night we’re having to run the generator for an hour or so in the evening. Last night I made the most of it and quickly vacuumed the boat. A bit strange in big seas but you’d be surprised how quickly little bits and pieces build up around the floor. Makes it more comfortable for walking on now.
We saw some beautiful bright blue fish that were either chasing or being chased this morning. They may have been dolphin fish or sail fish. It was just a brief glance that we had. A frigate bird swirled in out of no where at the commotion. I don’t know if it planned on swooping the big fish or it was after the scattering flying fish in their wake. I didn’t know frigate birds flew that far from land. We are still four hundred nautical miles out.
Didn’t get to send this yesterday so I’ll give a quick update. We are two hundred miles out as of sunrise this morning. We have had a rough day and night with gusts regularly up in the 40kts and constant winds of 35 true. We had a pod of chubby stocky dolphins riding our bow wave yesterday evening. They seemed to be enjoying the rough conditions. Just a walk in the park for them. We have the wind directly from behind which means we roll around a lot from side to side with the majority of the waves behind us. This makes for lots of noises and rattles from the cupboards including the tinkering of champagne glasses despite individually bubble wrapping the bottoms of them. We are also getting picked up by these huge waves and being taken surfing. Our latest maximum speed is 11.8kts. Still not breaking the record of 13.2 on the Atlantic just before we reached the Canary Islands. Everynow and then we are hit from the side by a sneaky little wave. On occasions this has landed in the cockpi
t and flooded it to about 5cm or they sound like a loud crash as they hit the side of the boat. Sometimes I hear the Captain whimper has he’s given a resfreshing shower up there.

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