Birthday Treat

I was a very spoilt girl with a sleep in on my birthday with the Captain doing my second night shift. Couldn’t believe it when I woke up in the daylight. It was much appreciated after three weeks at sea. We arrived at Hiva Oa, a small island in the Marqueseas, at 4.30pm local time on my birthday. I had made a delicious stove top lasagne for dinner and the next day I cooked a banana cake with frozen bananas. Mum would have made sure I’d had a cake if she was with me. They signed us up for the internet here and then told us it was broken and didn’t then mention that it had been broken for 30 days. So we’re hoping the sat phone minutes last long enough to get this post out. I’ll keep it small so it doesn’t take long. Nice to walk on land again but will look forward to the smaller passages on the way to Australia over the next few months too. We will post some blogs once the internet is fixed. Otherwise, know that we are safe and well.

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  1. Shirley Morgan says:

    Glad to hear that Gay, Happy birthday. Ann and Les say Happy Birthday, Ann was quite upset that she could not send a card. She is missing the contact with you. Had a lovely time with Will, Kenny and Erica when they stayed. Will is just fabulous, calls me Gaga (Great Gran). I said Lady Gaga would do!! If you need stuff done at the unit, perhaps I could help? Let me know.

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