How Calm can it get After the Storm?

The Magus is playing tricks on us and the loading of our battery bank seems to reflect his moods. (The Magus is the Magician in my Tarot deck. He is mischievous and is always trying to cause trouble to make you respond and grow). Thinking that we had a problem with the alternator we headed to a small harbour, Garrucha. This was a quiet marina with empty pontoons. We waited until morning when a mechanic arrived but he said everything was fine and that it was all working. So, reassured that all was good, we took to sea once again, with the charger reading that we weren’t loading again. Five minutes later we were loading. Go figure!!! We are remaining calm and are yet to see if it will get the better of us.

Strange buildings in the bay where we rested after the storm

We had a calm trip to Garrucha, mainly under motor because there was hardly any wind and the sea was smooth. Ori and Hagai were lucky enough to see a sword fish jumping out of the silky water. Later, we were surrounded by dolphins making tasty morsels out of a big bloom of  jellyfish.

Ori and I watching the dolphins

Hagai managed to get a bit of footage of the aftermath of the storm and how we were traveling. Thomas has put it on You-tube. The link is here. Look Storm video in here 

Don’t forget that you can use Bing translator to translate Thomas’ web page also. It translates it literally so the grammar has a bit to be desired but you can get the gist of it. States And put in as the web page to translate. He writes more often than I do.

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