Hiking the Rock

Had a great day out hiking with Thomas today. We headed up towards an old castle from the Moorish times but renovated by the Spanish and then the British. We then wandered into the bowels of the Rock in some old tunnels built by the British during a siege from the French and Spanish in the late 18thCentury. An upward hike of a couple of kilometres towards a natural cave got our sea legs stretched. Plenty of apes monkeying about up there.

One of the many apes and cannons that are on the Rock

The cave was quite spectacular with thousands of years of stalagmites and stalactites to wonder at. A further upward climb took us to a cafe called, ‘Top of the Rock’ where we decided to catch a well-deserved ride down in the cable car.

We could see the silhouette of the rock in the night for miles

Once at the bottom we found an old graveyard of the soldiers who were wounded during the Battle of Trafalgar and later died of their injuries. An inquisitive old cat followed us around and began biting and scratching me if I didn’t stop and give him a scratch.

A quiet evening at home with a Krishna feast of Kofta balls, Satay tofu and Vegetable Korma with the rest of crew wound up a great day. Going to hit the sack early tonight.

The crew enjoying our Krishna feast on board Qi

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